Gravotech Engraving Source Book V6.0 - EN-IN

ALUMAMARK® Black marking on aluminum with CO2 engraving AVAILABLE SHEET SIZES 610 x 508 mm 24 x 20’’ MATERIAL CAPABILITIES -40°C -40°F 230°C 450°F Shear Saw Silkscreen Hot stamping Flexible Scratch resistant Break resistant UV Resistant Heat bending • Fine details and shades of grey, ideal for photos. APPLICATIONS Small plates and labels Picture reproductions ID plates Bar codes Note: Power sensitive material. If the image is too dark, reduce the power. If the image is too light, increase the power. Engraving quality is improved using 50% speed. Laser power: 6 - 10 watts. Full sheets size depending on colours and thicknesses. Different sizes for: - Ref. 27414: 305 x 254 mm (12 x 10’’) - Ref. 45878: 510 x 305 mm (20 x 12’’) - Ref. 45879: 610 x 510 mm (24 x 20’’) * Delivered with adhesive backing. • Natural black marking thanks to a thermal reaction with the heat of any CO2 laser. • No oxidation, chemical product or paint fill needed to get the contrast. Surface colour Core colour Thickness *0.5 mm (0.020’’) *0.127 mm (0.005’’) 0.5 mm (0.020’’) satin silver black 27419 27414 27417 satin gold black 27416 27415 satin brass black 45878 45879 LASER MATERIALS 34 Surface finish: satin Aluminium Engraving depth 0.025 mm (.001’’ ) MATERIAL SPECIFICITIES Sheet sizes may vary slightly. Printed colours for indication only. Cannot serve as a substitute for real material sample.