Gravotech Engraving Source Book V6.0 - EN-IN

Our braille solution braille is a system of tactile writing and reading for the use of blind and visually impaired people. There is no single universal braille system: different standards are used across the world, where sizes, character spacing and line spacing are specific to each individual language. COMPATIBLE WITH IS400 Engraving area: 305 x 210 mm (12 x 8’’) SOFTWARE The Gravostyle™ braille option allows the transcription of text into braille: • 127 languages available. • Totally automated procedure involving drilling followed by the insertion of beads (optional): - Customised cleaning and bead insertion speed. - Specific parameters for GravotacTM , laminates, aluminumand plastics (ABS, PMMA) IS8000 Engraving area: 610 x 1220 mm (24 x 47’’) IS7000 Engraving area: 610 x 810 mm (24 x 32’’) IS6000 Engraving area: 610 x 410 mm (24 x 16’’) SIGNAGE 68