Gravotech Engraving Source Book V6.0 - EN-IN

Is your machine not available to handle this new and urgent order? We provide custom-made plates according to your specifications, from one unit to series. CUT-TO-SIZE CONCAVE CORNERS DRILLED HOLES SHAPES BEVELLING DRILLED HOLES Custom shapes made to your specifications. Bevelling is cutting the edges with a 45° angle to create a slope all around the part. To accommodate your metal and plastic mounting needs, diameter and position are customisable. ROUNDED / CONCAVE CORNERS BENDING BACKING We offer a wide selection of profiles and radiuses for corners. Plastic materials can be bent into stand-up display signs, badges, etc. Maximum length of the bend is 500 mm (20’’). Adhesive: 467MPor468MPavailable depending on the roughness of the substrate. Magnetic: Ideal for metallic shelves, magnetic backing can be applied to to plates, strips and sheets. 84