Engraving Source Book V6.2 - EN-CORP

Use the brush to sweep away chips or dust that may still be present at the end of the engraving process. BRUSH Unit - 1 unit Ref. 11791 The steel block serves as an anvil, used in the assembly process of the Twincut insert. Just strike the base of the cutter shaft when inserting the cutter to secure it. STEEL BLOCK Unit - 1 unit Ref. 13798 The cutter knob connects the cutter shank to the spindle so that it becomes a single entity. This assembly allows the tool to be fixed at the end of the Z-reference’s setting and to maintain it during the engraving process. CUTTER KNOB Unit - 1 unit Ref. 12335 CUTTERS & INSERTS 121 The cutter knob key is an indispensable tool for installing and disassembling the cutter from any rotary engraver. This tool allows you to unscrew the cutter’s knob screw that holds the cutter in the spindle. KNOB KEY Unit - 1 unit Ref. 10016 M20 V3, M40 & IS ENGRAVING STARTER KITS There are 2 Twincut starter kits dedicated to our rotary engravers: M range (M20 v3 & M40) or IS range (IS200, IS400, IS6000, IS7000 & IS8000). These kits brings you the accessories you need to use our Twincut concept and to 2 inserts to start engraving immediately. Packaging type Ref. M20 v3, M40 Twincut starter kit Box - 1 unit 69723 IS Twincut starter kit 69722 Watch our videos!