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13 Engraving supplies GRAVOGRIP™ The indispensable fixing accessory for your daily jobs Flexible material placed on your engraving / marking table* to maintain the material to be engraved or cut into place. * For IM4, M20, IS200 & M40 use a support table, see below for more informations. No clamping, no tape, no vacuum table A real time saver for your engraving and cutting jobs. • All kinds of plastic or metallic materials in variable thickness secured effortlessly • Also suitable to hold small items: medals, tags, labels, etc. • Ideal for engraving and cutting depending on materials • No oily residues after use Easy to use 1. Place Gravogrip™ on your table 2. Position the material and press down 3. Engrave! Gravogrip™ support table* Delivered with replacement mat 72024 for IM4 machines ref. 72027 (120 x 80 mm) (4.72" x 3.15") 70997 for M20/M20XL machines ref. 70996 (120 x 100 mm) (4.72" x 3.93") 71116 for IS200 machines ref. 71054 (225 x 80 mm) (8.85" x 3.15") 45697 for M40 machines ref. 45696 (310 x 215 mm) (12.20" x 8.46") Gravogrip™ sizes Choose the size that will best suit your machine’s working area. For smaller size machines, use one of the support tables* specially designed to that effect. See also p. 97 Jigs & Holding Devices . * All support tables delivered with one piece of Gravogrip™ to fit. Minimummaintenance • Cleaning with soapy water 78056 Full sheet 1220 x 610 mm (48" x 24") Half-sheet 610 x 610 mm (24" x 24") Quarter-sheet 610 x 305 mm (24" x 12") Cut-to-size on request