Engraving Source Book V6.2 - EN-CORP

MACHINE ACCESSORIES SPINDLES 133 TOP LOAD SPINDLES Tool clamped from the top, only one diameter. Possibility to use depth nose. IM3, M20 v3, M40, IS200, IS400 and ISx000 IQ 90W are delivered with a top load spindle in standard. Tool diameter Machine compatibility Ref. IM3 3.17 mm (0.12’’) IM3 21690 M range 4.36 mm (0.17’’) M20 v3, M40 80895 IS200 4.36 mm (0.17’’) IS200 22915 Other IS range 4.36 mm (0.17’’) IS400, ISx000 22220 IM3 spindle M series spindle IS series spindle Machine compatibility : IS400, ISx000 Ref. 14763 COLLET SPINDLE Hold the tool tightly to prevent play and tool breakage. For hard materials or precise machining. ISx000 IQ 200W, ISx000 XP 200W and ISx000 XP milling are delivered with a collet spindle in standard.