Engraving Source Book V6.2 - EN-CORP

ROTARY MATERIALS 49 ACRYLIC - FLUORESCENT Let your creativity flow! AVAILABLE SHEET SIZES 610 x 610 mm 24 x 24’’ 610 x 305 mm 24 x 12’’ 1220 x 610 mm 48 x 24’’ MATERIAL CAPABILITIES -40°C -40°F 80°C 176°F Shear Saw Silkscreen Hot stamping Flexible Scratch resistant Break resistant UV Resistant Heat bending resistant • Can also be used as a substrate. For even more creative possibilities, combine it with the other Acrylic materials. APPLICATIONS Decoration Promotional items Gifts Display Watch our videos! • Discover the cast version of acrylic for a modern yet resistant finish. • 1-ply translucent material. Vivid and bright colours. Glossy finish. Core colour Thickness 3.0 mm (1/8’’) fluorescent yellow 83428 fluorescent orange 83430 fluorescent pink 83429 See page 80 COMPLEMENTARY PRODUCTS Surface finish: glossy Acrylic MATERIAL SPECIFICITIES Spacers Sheet sizes may vary slightly. Printed colours for indication only. Cannot serve as a substitute for real material sample. Ball chains Nickel-plated steel ring See page 82 See page 83