Engraving Source Book V6.2 - EN-CORP

ROTARY MATERIALS 55 METALLEX™ - HARD COAT Metallic appearance for a high-end finish AVAILABLE SHEET SIZES 610 x 610 mm 24 x 24’’ 610 x 305 mm 24 x 12’’ 1220 x 610 mm 48 x 24’’ MATERIAL CAPABILITIES -40°C -40°F 80°C 176°F Shear Saw Silkscreen Hot stamping Flexible Scratch resistant Break resistant UV Resistant Heat bending • Ideal for badges, trophy plates, various awards and all indoor applications. APPLICATIONS Ornamental plates Indoor signage Badges Small signage Note: The surface layer of the Metallex™ Hard Coat can be lasered but the quality of the engraving may vary depending on the colours. Laser cutting is not recommended. On demand pre-cut tags available, ideal for machines or to enhance productivity. • The Hard Coat version of Metallex™ has a surface layer that is even more resistant to scratches and fingerprints. • Metallex™ Hard Coat has a smooth, super glossy finish. Surface colour Core colour Thickness 1.5 mm (1/16’’) radiant silver black 21892 brushed aluminium black 21883 glossy silver black 21882 radiant gold black 21891 european gold black 21884 glossy gold black 21881 Surface finish: matte, glossy, brushed ABS Engraving depth 0.1 mm (.004’’ ) MATERIAL SPECIFICITIES Sheet sizes may vary slightly. Printed colours for indication only. Cannot serve as a substitute for real material sample.