Engraving Source Book V6.2 - EN-CORP

Surface Surface Core Surface Core Can be engraved on both sides Surface Core 1 layer, 1 colour 2 layers, 2 colours 3 layers, 3 colours 3 layers, 2 colours on each side Intermediate layer An exception dedicated to safety signage The most standard design 1-PLY WHAT IS AN ENGRAVING MATERIAL? Gravotech has been developing its own plastic materials for over 50 years. A material is an assembly of several layers of plastic of different colours. The principle is the same for laser marking or rotary engraving: by removing a part of the upper layer, the lower layer is revealed and another colour appears for a constrasted engraving. A text, a drawing, a logotype, a pictogram can be drawn. In order to meet all your applications, our offer is composed of materials made of different kind of assemblies. DOUBLE-SIDED For cutting, no engraving 2-PLY 3-PLY 6 Gravotech engraving materials