Gravotech Engraving Materials Selection Guide

APPLICATION DATASHEET SIGNAGE 11 SMALL LABELS, TAGS (KEY TAGS, TOKENS) Material Indoor Outdoor Laser Rotary Composition Adhesive backing Price Main asset GravoplyTM 1 - - Plastic Option €€€ Thick and resistant surface GravoplyTM Laser Plastic Option €€€ Very large color choice GravoplyTM 2 - Engraving only Plastic Option €€€ Value for money GravoglasTM 2-plex Surface - Plastic Option €€€ Textured finish available GravoxalTM Engraving only Metal Option €€€ Suitable for thin engraving Note 1 : Gravoply™ 1 and Gravoglas™ 2-Plex™ Surface (Textured especially) have a thick and resistant surface ​ Note 2 : Cut-to-size service available for on-demand sized tags Back to signage