Gravotech Engraving Materials Selection Guide

APPLICATION DATASHEET IDENTIFICATION 25 MACHINE, RATING, NAME PLATES (IDENTIFICATION PLATES, CE PLATES...) Material Indoor Outdoor Laser Rotary UV Print Composition Adhesive backing Price Main asset GravoxalTM Engraving only Metal Option €€€ Premium aspect, high quality contrast GravoplyTM Laser Plastic Option €€€ Sturdy and cheaper than other materials FlexilaseTM Plastic €€€ Very flexible, ideal non flat products AlumaMark® - Engraving only - Metal €€€ Like Gravoxal but with a black engraving DuraBlack® Engraving only - - Metal €€€ Resist to harsh envrionment Note 1 : These metals have a strong durable surface, but for harsh operating environments, use Durablack® Note 2 : Cut-to-size service available for on-demand sized tags *MIL-STD 130N, A-A-50271, MIL-STD-15024F, Type L, MIL-STD-810G for withstanding 96 hours of exposure to corrosive chemicals, ASTM B117 30 days exposure to salt fog. Back to identification