Gravotech Engraving Materials Selection Guide

APPLICATION DATASHEET CREATIVE 45 TABLEWARE (CENTERPIECE, MENU DISPLAY, SEATING PLAN, NAME TAGS) Material Indoor Outdoor Laser Rotary Composition Adhesive backing Price Main asset Laser Wood - Wood - €€€ Ecofriendly, natural GravoplyTM Laser Plastic Option €€€ Value for money GravoplyTM 2 - Engraving only Plastic Option €€€ Large color choice Acrylic Plastic - €€€ Different aspects available MetallexTM - Engraving only Plastic Option €€€ Metallic look at a low price (no laser cutting) Note 1 : Laser Wood 0.4 mm (1/16’’) can be used for flexible crafts Note 2 : Birch Laser Wood for a natural look or metallic aspect plastics for a luxury look​ Back to creative