Gravotech Engraving Materials Selection Guide

APPLICATION DATASHEET SIGNAGE 21 Material Indoor Outdoor Laser Rotary Composition Adhesive backing Price Main asset Acrylic Plastic Not available $$$ Different aspects available​ GravoplyTM Laser Plastic Option $$$ Very large color choice Laser Wood - Wood - $$$ Eco-friendly, natural GravolaseTM Metallics Plastic Option $$$ Metallic aspect at a low price GravobrassTM Exterior - Metal Option $$$ Very high added value signage Note 1 : Acrylic range is composed of translucent, fluorescent, frosted, clear or opaque materials Note 2 : Possibility to mix different kinds of materials for a unique & creative sign​ Back to signage LETTER CUT-OUTS & VISUAL COMMUNICATION (SIGNAGE, ROUTING, PROTOTYPING, CUT)