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47 Signage The GravoStyle™ Braille option allows the transcription of text into Braille: • 127 languages available from Discovery level upwards • Totally automated procedure involving drilling followed by the insertion of beads (optional): - Customised cleaning and bead insertion speed - Specific parameters for plastics (ABS and acrylic), and aluminium. Gravotac™ and laminates Compatible engraving machines: • IS400, IS6000, IS7000 & IS8000 • Required accessory: shaving extractor Bead dispenser IS400 Engraving zone 305 x 210 mm IS6000 Engraving zone 610 x 410 mm IS7000 Engraving zone 610 x 815 mm IS8000 Engraving zone 610 x 1220 mm Machines Software Automatic Braille kit (drilling and bead insertion without manual intervention) 70711 Automatic Braille for IS400 70713 Automatic Braille for IS 6/7/8000 IQ+ 70714 Automatic Braille for IS 6/7/8000 XP Semi-automatic Braille kit • IS400 / IS6000-7000-8000: adapter integrated into the semi-automatic Braille kit 49959 Semi-automatic Braille kit for IS400 /IS6000-7000 -8000 BRAILLE & SIGN ACCESSIBILITY