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49 Signage Materials to be engraved Creativity and know-how, together with our extensive range of materials, colours, thicknesses and qualities, will allow you to meet the requirements of any type of specification. The various thicknesses available in the range will guarantee your compliance with local and regional legislation. The subtle use of the various materials will enable you to produce perfect: • Lettering • Icons and symbols • Tactile drawings and reliefs as well as all other materials related to accessibility requirements For the production of your items, we recommend: - Gravotac™: a single layered material, available in 3 thicknesses and a variety of colours for interior or exterior use. Gravotac™: over 40 references for all your Braille and tactile architectural signage programmes. Phase 1: outlining Phase 2: peeling away Phase 3: result Training and support Gravotech after-sale service is on hand to reply to your technical questions on the use of our solutions. On the basis of our experience and the requirements of your business we offer you a Special Braille Training Course delivered in some of our subsidiaries, where you will acquire all the knowledge essential to your signage specification, manufacture and installation needs. Icon construction procedure: BRAILLE & SIGN ACCESSIBILITY