Gravotech Engraving Source Book V6.2 - EN-AE

Use the ejector to remove the cutter from the tool holder. Packaging type Ref. M20 V3/M40 Unit - 1 unit 69727 IS series 69724 EJECTOR Twincut starter kits CUTTERS & INSERTS 120 CROSS STYLUS REFILL Unit - 1 unit Ref. 12374 Cross stylus refill is delivered as spare part for assembled stylus bit. Easy to change thanks to the removable cap and spring. Take out the worn refill and proceed to the replacement. Stylus for test prior to engraving ASSEMBLED STYLUS BIT Unit - 1 unit Ref. 21679 Intended for a final check before engraving, the assembled stylus bit replaces the cutter and fits into the top-loading spindle. This stylus can easily be refilled when empty. Tool holder is a central part of the Twincut concept called “non-active part”. It holds the engraving insert, the “active part”. This tool holder has been coated to avoid scratches and rust. Packaging type Ref. M20 V3/M40 L = 120 mm Box - 1 unit 69729 IS series, L = 150 mm 22987 TOOL HOLDER