Gravotech Engraving Source Book V6.0 - EN-AE

LASER WOOD Think Green. Go Green. AVAILABLE SHEET SIZES 610 x 305 mm 24 x 12’’ MATERIAL CAPABILITIES -200°C -328°F 100°C 212°F Shear Saw Silkscreen Hot stamping Flexible Scratch resistant Break resistant UV Resistant Heat bending r i • Mix with other materials like Acrylic and aluminum for modern and trendy creations! APPLICATIONS Decoration and gifts Architectural models Interior signage Personalized cards and DIY Watch our videos! Note: Packaged by 5. Wood is a natural organic material. Thickness, color and aspect can vary from one sheet to another. Let the material acclimatise to the end-use conditions before using it. Apply the masking paper on the sheet to avoid dust and fumes during CO2 laser cutting. Maintain the sheet flat on the honeycomb table using clamps. • Safe composition, respect of both nature and people. • From thin and flexible 0.4 mm (1/64’’) to thick and rigid wood 4.5 mm (11/64’’). Core color Thickness 0.4 mm (1/64’’) * 1.0 mm (3/64’’) * 2.5 mm (3/32’’) * 4.5 mm (11/64’’) * birch 82741 82742 82743 82744 beech 82747 82748 oak 82745 82746 walnut 82749 82750 See page 79 LASER MATERIALS 38 COMPLEMENTARY PRODUCTS Surface finish: matte Natural plywood Engraving depth 0.1 mm/0.3 mm (.004’’/.012’’ ) MATERIAL SPECIFICITIES Masking paper * References in green are double-sided Sheet sizes may vary slightly. Printed colors for indication only. Cannot serve as a substitute for real material sample. Starter kit contains : Refs. 82741, 84742, 82747, 82749, 82746 STARTER KIT - REF. 83925 Clamps Transfert tape See page 79 See page 78 • 0.4 mm (1/64’’) as thin as paper, for flexible applications.