Gravotech Engraving Source Book V6.2 - EN-AE

METALLEX™ Metallic appearance for a high-end finish AVAILABLE SHEET SIZES 610 x 610 mm 24 x 24’’ 610 x 305 mm 24 x 12’’ 1220 x 610 mm 48 x 24’’ MATERIAL CAPABILITIES -40°C -40°F 80°C 176°F Shear Saw Silkscreen Hot stamping Flexible Scratch resistant Break resistant UV Resistant Heat bending • Ideal for badges, trophy plates and awards and indoor applications. APPLICATIONS Pictograms Indoor signage Badges Note: The surface layer of the Metallex™ can be lasered but the quality of the engraving may vary depending on the colors. Laser cutting is not recommended. On demand pre-cut tags available, ideal for machines or to enhance productivity. With it smooth and supergloss finish, the Hard Coat version of Metallex™ has a surface layer that is even more resistant to scratches and fingerprints. • A metallic aspect material with the advantages of plastic: easily cut and cheaper than metal. • Fast engraving thanks to the very thin surface layer. Surface color Core color Thickness 0.8 mm (1/32’’) 1.5 mm (1/16’’) 2.4 mm (3/32’’) radiant silver black 21825 21889 21957 matt aluminum black 21867 21941 21999 brushed aluminum black 21830 21898 21965 glossy silver black 21823 21887 21955 new gold black 21846 21914 21978 radiant gold black 21824 21888 21956 european gold black 21836 21903 21969 glossy gold black 21822 21886 brushed bronze black 21904 See page 78 ROTARY MATERIALS 54 COMPLEMENTARY PRODUCTS Surface finish: matte, glossy, brushed ABS Engraving depth 0.1 mm (.004’’ ) MATERIAL SPECIFICITIES Double-sided 50mm Sheet sizes may vary slightly. Printed colors for indication only. Cannot serve as a substitute for real material sample. Gravofix™ See page 79 Trophy plates