Gravotech Engraving Source Book V6.2 - EN-AE

GravoglasTM 2-Plex™ Surface CONSTRUCTION The lower layer is called the core and the upper layer the surface. By varying the thickness of the core and the surface, it is possible to achieve different engraving and cutting results to meet different requirements. CORE THICKNESS SURFACE THICKNESS CORE COMPOSITION THIN Flexible THICK Rigid & resistant STANDARD Detailed engraving THICK Deep & resistant engraving The base composition of the core is selected to provide specific properties. PMMA cores are the most popular: versatile, they ensure a great longevity and resistance to the environment (weathering, industrial conditions...). They can be used with laser and mechanical machines. ABS cores are more economical and provide a certain flexibility of the material. Dedicated to indoor use, they are usually rotary cut. StickalaseTM FlexilaseTM GravoplyTM Laser GravoglasTM 2-Plex™ Surface GravoplyTM 1 GravolaseTM Metallics GravoplyTM Laser 7