Gravotech Engraving Source Book V6.2 - EN-AE

ENGRAVING GEL Water-based solution, Engraving gel is a non-irritating and odourless lubricant for glass, aluminum and soft steel engraving. Perfect for in-store use. Packaging type Ref. Engraving gel Bottle with spout - 200 mL (6.76 oz) 83957 Watch our videos! LUBRICATING ENGRAVING SUPPLIES 77 For aluminum engraving and cutting only. Manual dispensing. SURFEX® LUBRICANT Bottle - 1 L (33.8 oz) Ref. 30368 Apply manually on the tool tips, for non ferrous metal engraving. POLYCOUPE™ LUBRICANT SPRAY Spray - 250 mL (8.45 oz) Ref. 19527 * For non ferrous metal engraving. Automatic dispensing with Gravotech Spray mist lubricating device. VECTOLUB™ LUBRICANT OIL Bottle - 2 L (67.6 oz) Ref. 23494 Designed for ferrous metal engraving with local manual application. TARFIL™ AT Bottle - 215 g (7.58 oz) Ref. 19526 Vargol dispenser for VARGA saws, allows to set the lubricant flow according to the thickness of the material to cut. VARGOL BOTTLE DISPENSER Unit - 1 unit Ref. 21781 Lubricant for VA circular saws. Synthetic oil for use with metals. Application with Vargol dispenser. VARGOL Bottle - 500 mL (16.9 oz) Ref. 21780 Engravolube is a special lubricant which increases cutters lifetime and ensures a clean and smooth engraving. ENGRAVOLUBE SOLUTION Bottle with spout - 240 mL (8 oz) Ref. 26887 For glass engraving only. Automatic dispensing with M40 Gift lubricating device. SOLUBLE OIL Bottle - 1 L (33.8 oz) Ref. 12913