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04 Our engraving materials: guarantee and commitment At Gravotech, quality is much more than a norm or a concept: it is a state of mind driven by continuous improvement. This explains why most of our worldwide-known brands such as Gravoply™, Metallex™, Gravoglas™ 2-Plex™ or Gravotac™, have become synonymous of quality and are a reference for competitors to match. We are committed to respect these values raised over the past 60 years and do our utmost to meet your most demanding requirements. To do so, we implemented a Gravotech Quality Charter, which covers a number of technical characteristics that we want respected for our products and ranges: THE CHOICE IN EACH PRODUCT RANGE Our widematerial range included over 900 references in stock, specially developed for engraving and cutting. "Surface" or "Reverse" engraving, laser marking or cutter engraving, all our ranges of plastic, metal or stratified materials are available in a spectrum of colours, thicknesses between0.09 mmand10 mmor.004"and.40"accordingtotheproducts, and various finishes (matt, glossy, satin, textured, metallic, brushed). The great majority of our materials is also compatible for digital printing. For you, this is the guarantee to find the right product for your application. Thanks to our production units in the United States and in Europe, we are able to offer you custom-made solutions (colour, finish, thickness, etc.), even for small quantities. Make sure you contact us! RAW MATERIALS Our materials are issued from a selection of the best suppliers worldwide, capable of offering the highest guarantees in terms of organisation (ISO*). Our ABS and acrylics are pure and selected among the best grades. Each component is subject to careful selection process taking into consideration normative and environmental obligations (RoHS**, REACH***). For you, this guarantees the respect of all obligations and requirements demanded by your customers. We will provide written statements on simple request. OPERATING RECOMMENDATIONS AND USE CONDITIONS Gravotech warrants that its product comply with its technical specification within normal condition of use, without any other warranty including without being limited to any other warranty of merchantability, performance or suitability. Gravotech warranty covers consumables product for a one (1) month period as from invoice date. The consumable warranty only covers manufacturing defect but scratch and colorimetric variation are expressly excluded from the warranty coverage. Technical specifications result from data and technical report raised from suppliers or fromGravotech or external independent laboratory studies. Consequently each end user shall perform appropriate testing under real conditions of use to ensure consistency and adequacy of the product to its intended specific purpose and needs.Out of standard conditions of use as well as harsh conditions such as for example UV, hygrometry, salinity or temperature specifics shall be taken into account to avoid any product deterioration. End User shall be liable regarding its own testing results and therefore its final decision regarding suitability of the product according to Gravotech specifications and recommendation.