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53 Engraving supplies * These items are shipped via ground transportation. For other means of transport, please consult us. Soluble oil (6% / water litre) For glass engraving only. Automatic dispensing with M40 Gift lubricating device. Volume: 1 LTR (33.8oz) Ref. 12913 Engravolube solution For non-ferrous metal engraving. Manual dispensing at cutter tip. Volume: 240 ml (8oz) Ref. 26887 Vargol Lubricant for VA. circular saws. Synthetic oil for use with metals. Application with Vargol dispenser. Volume: 500 ml (16.9oz) Ref. 21780 Lubricating bottle Vargol dispenser for VA. saws. Ref. 21781 Tarfil™ AT Designed for metal engraving. Manual dispensing at cutter tip. Bottle: 215 g (7.58oz) Ref. 19526 Vectolub™ lubricant oil For non ferrous metal engraving. Automatic dispensing with IS Spray Mist lubricating device. Volume: 2 LTR (67.6oz) Ref. 23494 Polycoupe™ lubricant spray For non ferrous metal engraving. Manual dispensing at cutter tip. Spray: 250 ml (8.45oz) Ref. 19527 (*) Surfex® lubricant For Aluminium engraving and cutting only. Manual dispensing Bottle: 1 LTR (33.8oz) Ref. 30368 Lubrication LUBRICATION Engraving gel Water-based solution, Engraving gel is a non-irritating and odourless lubricant for glass, aluminium and soft steel engraving. Perfect for in-store use. Bottle : 200ml (6.76oz) Ref. 83957 SEE OUR VIDEO