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08 Custom materials on demand COLOUR MIXING COLOUR MATCHING CANNOT FIND THE PLASTIC PRODUCT YOU ARE LOOKING FOR? Gravotech provides any colours combination! Choose engraving sheets in the colour combination of your choice. Just mix any existing surface colour with any existing core colour for the following material ranges: - Gravoply™ Laser - Gravoply™ Ultra - Gravoply™ 2 - Flexilase™ - Gravoply™ 1 - Gravoglas™ 2-Plex™ - Gravolase™ Metallics - Metallex™ Do you require a specific surface colour (to match your graphic charter, logo, etc.)? Indicate a RAL, Pantone® or NCS®© code and we will apply this colour over the ABS or acrylic base of your choice. Gravotech is able to supply proprietary material based on your specifications. C R E A T E YOUR OWN MATERIAL ! CHOOSE: COLOUR CONSTRUCTION FINISH 70 20 15 More than Around surface colours Matt Glossy Satin Textured Colour matching against RAL/Pantone® core colours Double- sided material 1-2-3-Ply material thicknesses from 0.09mm (.004”) to 10mm (.40”) * Depending on product line. *