Gravotech Engraving Source Book V6.0 - EN-IN

INTEGRABLE LASER MARKERS F I B E R H Y B R I D G R E E N C O 2 Integrated laser marking system for metal and plastic parts The best compromise between versatility, high quality and high speed to meet all your marking needs Integrated laser marking system to mark highly reflective materials and sensitive plastic materials High-speed laser engraver: the best to mark organic materials and coated surfaces Application scope ll ll ll ll Wavelength (nm) 1 064 1 064 532 10 600 Power (W) Fiber Premium: 20 - 30 - 50 Fiber Standard: 20 - 30 Fiber Energy: 20 - 30 10 - 20 5 - 10 30 Process automation Industrial Ethernet Networks: PROFINET / ETHERNET IP Embedded intelligence Autonomous / Programmable by PLC / No PC required / Traceability Management Laser classification Class 4 Laser system, possibility to switch in Class 1 for integration on a station or equipped with Mini Inline module. Our appl icat ions APPLICATION SCOPE : Look around you and you’ll notice that most objects around you are marked, engraved or customized. Find them and you’ll find Gravotech! l Identification l Personalisation l Signage l Creative l Manufacturing GRAVOTECH MACHINE RANGE 145