Gravotech Engraving Source Book V6.0 - EN-IN

GRAVOSTYLETM SOFTWARE 146 LEVELS Features D I S C OV E R Y D I S C OV E R Y M A X Laser + Rotary Laser + Rotary Go hybrid. Drive laser & rotary technology. Productivity package • Matrix and variable lists • Import of vector files (DXF, EPS, HPGL...) and images (BMP, JPG, PNG and TIF ..) • Plate Point & Shoot: makes it possible to define the engraving area directly on the machine • PDF import & files export (PDF, DXF, EPS, HPGL…) • Alignment & transformation tools • Geometric shapes • Laser driving capabilities with presets • Extensive choice of symbols • Calibration wizard: one-step process to establish optimal laser settings • On-screen preview • Scanning and vectorisation • Point mode and bitmap editor • 2D recess by colour • Retail font pack (incl. over 100 fonts) • Scripting (macro function capabilities Options • braille production • Font editor Personalisation pack: • Handwriting stroked engraving fonts • Photo processing capabilities • Additional stroked engraving fonts • Text on a curve Applications • Plate serialisation • Badges, nameplates & doorplates • Photo touch-ups • Jewellery & gifts • Variable list of names • Funeral plates • Rubber stamps • Pet tags & key rings • Legend plates • Logo scanning and editing • Trophy plates • Plates with text and logos • Signage with text and logos IN ALL LEVELS Features • Computip feature to recommend the most efficient tools • Support for Automatic Plate Feeding applications • Support for cylindrical engraving • Customisation of working environment • Post-it function to take notes while you engrave • Hot keys • Favourites toolbar • Object freezing